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Common mistakes in the use of child safety seats

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With the promotion of child safety seats, the use of child safety seats gradually become a consensus, but is it ok to buy a safety seat? Isn't. Buying a safety seat does not mean using it correctly. At present, there are still several common safety seat use errors.
  Use used safety seats
  The unit price of safety seats is relatively high. Many families finally choose second-hand safety seats considering the price factor and the frequency of use of safety seats, but there are some major hidden dangers:
  1.second-hand child safety after all, is someone else used things, there will inevitably be some bacteria.
  2.the safety seat is a service life, and the second-hand safety seat and how many years of use may not be clear
  3.Are there installation instructions for second-hand child safety seats

Two, do not install safety seat correctly
  1. Install in the copilot's position: airbags may cause injury to children sitting in the copilot's seat
  2, do not install the safety seat correctly, common mistakes are: the safety seat belt fixed position is wrong, the interface is not fastened
  Three, do not use safety seat correctly
  1. The baby is sitting on the safety seat, but there is no binding clasp.
  2. The seat belt is too loose or tight for your baby.
  3the seat belt gear adjustment is not correct, causing the seat belt from the baby's neck through the neck.

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