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Analysis and tips on how to make your baby love safety seats

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Recently, I found many complaints from parents on weibo:
  Treasure mama 1: my family vine since 8 months hind root don't agree to sit, sit up for a while to cry not to stop. At first, I thought it was not comfortable, but in the end it didn't work. I just didn't sit! I still don't sit for 13 months. The seat is a decoration in the car.
  Treasure mother two: safety seat arrived. Yesterday his father put it on and took him out for a try. It was ok at first, but after 15 minutes, I started crying
  Treasure mother three: recently the baby all not how love car, probably because the safety seat sit too hot, the back airtight. Every time after sitting up, the baby's back is full of sweat. Except when sleeping and eating snacks can sit in it, the rest of the time has been crying
  Why are so many babies reluctant to make safety seats?
  First of all, the baby may not have been in the car before, the car environment is not familiar; Second, may before the baby is always by in the arms of his parents, suddenly a man sat on a seat, will let the baby insecurity, of course, also may be the reason for the seat itself: for example the summer sitting in the seats will be more hot, baby safety seat can hamper the body, let the baby uncomfortable, at that time because of that more should be used for baby safety seat.
  So what's the trick to getting your baby to love a safety seat?
  1. One user suggested: buy a steering wheel toy that turns left and right, with a horn button and a turn signal button. Every time the baby wants to sit in the child seat, the "steering wheel" can be installed in the front of the child seat (there is a suction cup beside the steering wheel, can suck on the window), the car will move, the baby will feel that he is driving, very happy to sit in the safety seat.
  2. If the father is driving, the mother had better sit beside the child and talk with him to give him a sense of security.
  3. Put it at home as a toy to be familiar with: for children who have not started to sit in the safety seat, parents can first put the bought safety seat at home as their exclusive toy to play, let them slowly get familiar with the safety seat, and then put it on the car to be used.
  4, let the baby sit on the seat to let her play with toys, there are toys to attract the baby will be willing to sit
  5. Prepare snacks to distract your baby
  6. Use a pacifier
  It has been proved that many babies will resist when they just use the safety seat, but once the baby gets used to using the safety seat, the baby will no longer hate to sit in the safety seat, but will love to sit in the safety seat, so parents have to work hard to let the baby get used to the safety seat as soon as possible.

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