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Do you worry that the safety seat will become a decoration?

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First of all, why do people buy safety seats? It must be in the hope that their children can be protected during the ride. However, many parents have bought safety seat boxes for their children, and there are many reasons why they do not use them:
  1, the child is too small, hold some more convenient, and half lie down may affect the hair huang, big point to use again.
  2, usually soft in the city, the speed is slow, the adult opens the car careful point is good
  3, the child is not willing to sit, will cry, sit for a while is not willing, the safety seat for nothing to buy.
  4. There will be one less adult in the safety seat.
  5. Frequently install and remove the disease.
  6. The elderly in the family do not want their children to use safety seats.
  1. The design of the positive pheasant qualified children's heavy safety seat takes into account the principle of children's rebirth philosophy. The range of sitting and lying is designed on the premise of the comfort and safety of children. So as long as the choice is suitable for the child weight stage of the safety seat, will not affect the child's growth and development.
  2, slow speed of urban let car, also can achieve 3-40 km in their hours, and that speed in the event of collision, a less than a year old child can have a more than 200 kilograms of momentum moment, only is overflowing with adult's hands, and children in emergency braking, can also act as an adult buffer airbags severely impact and extrusion. Besides, if you drive carefully, can you guarantee that others will drive in a respectful manner? Can you guarantee that no one will touch you by not touching them? So safety precautions are the most important.
  Beginning 3, the smaller the children began to use the more seats don't resist, if there is a crying, tend to be hungry, tired, pull, and so on, just a little older children began to cry when beginning to use general because not accustomed to, let the children do before using the guided, take something they like to distract the attention, it doesn't work, let him cry, as long as he understood that it is no use crying, the bus must use safety seat, within a week will adapt. When the proposal parent takes the child to go out to play, take a car continuously 1 hour or so seek rest station to let the child get off to make a little adjustment, the adult takes a car continuously too long also can feel afflictive, let alone the child! In a word, there are no children who cannot adapt to safety seats, only parents who do not insist on using safety seats for their children.
  4, the safety seat will certainly occupy the width of a seat, this is also for the comfort of children, adults can not sit down to think of other ways, more than one car, another person to other means of transportation, and so on.
  5, actually a good safety seat in the installation and disassembly are very easy to operate, only need to spend an extra 1-2 minutes of your time, and bring you is safe and assured.
  6, the elderly in the family is actually very good to tell them the importance of the safety seat, maybe just need a video, everyone's heart is love children, good communication, they accept it is not difficult.

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