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Child safety seat safety standards

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The safety standards of child safety seats are: European ECE R44 standard, American FMVSS 213 standard, Japanese TRIAS 51 standard, Chinese 3C certification standard, Canadian CMVSS 213 standard and Australian AS 1754 standard. The ECE R44 standard in Europe is adopted by many countries because of its comprehensiveness and strictness.

Note: the whole series of safety seats sold by our company have passed the 3C certification in China and the ECE certification in Europe.

The main contents of European ECE R44 standards are as follows:

1. Salt spray test. The main test of child safety seat corrosion resistance.

2. Material energy absorption test. The main test in the event of an accident, child safety seat can effectively cushion the impact of the child's back and head.

3. Flip test. Test whether the child safety seat can hold the baby when it flips.

4. Dynamic experiment. Dummy and child safety seat and professional crash car are used to simulate the protective effect of safety seat on children in the case of front impact, rear impact and side impact. To test the actual protective function of child safety seat to the baby.

In Europe, the child safety seat has become the most of the car factory standard, the penetration rate is quite high. However, the use of child safety seats in China is still very low.

However, since 2009, c-ncap has added the test content of child safety seat, which plays a great role in promoting the development of child safety seat. In addition, the restraint system for child occupant of motor vehicles, which took effect on July 1, 2012, stipulates that domestic cars must be equipped with seat interfaces and safety locks. Since September 1, 2015, child safety seats can only be marketed after passing the 3C safety certification in China, which has become another important measure to ensure the safety of children on the bus.

What tests does a child seat have to go through to get the 3C certification? Static test, dynamic test such as crash test, combustion test, toxicity test such as containing heavy metals.

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