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How to use child safety seat correctly?

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The following should be noted when installing a child seat:

First of all, it is necessary to determine what standard the product is made according to. Currently, common products on the market generally comply with the eu ece-r44/03 standard. There are also instructions for applicable seatbelts, generally in accordance with UN/ECE16 or other equivalent standards for three-point or roll-up car seatbelts.

Second, the age range for the product needs to be defined.

Please read the instructions carefully before installation and do not make any modifications or add parts to the seat, otherwise it may seriously affect other safety and functions.

When not carrying a child, the child safety seat must also be secured with a car seat belt. The child in the seat must always be securely strapped, even when not in the car.

Do not leave a child alone in a car seat or unattended.

If the child safety seat is damaged in the accident, it should be replaced in time.

Do not leave the clasp half locked. Do not allow seat contact with corrosive substances.

In the installation, different installation methods are adopted for children of different ages, which are generally divided into the following categories:

Safety basket structure for children weighing 0 to 13 kg.

The safety basket is light and portable, with three - or five-point seatbelts and a detachable base. Attach the basket to the base, which is firmly fixed to the back seat of the car. This method makes it easy to get your children on and off the bus. Another common safety basket may be easier for newborns to use correctly. Do not separate the type of base, use the car seat belt installed in the car. In fact, there are times when the installation might be better without the split base. Domestic safety baskets are almost all without a separated base.

When installing, the seat must be used in the reclining position. When adjusting the position, pull the red bar under the seat and slide it to the reclining position. Make sure your seat is facing away from you. Secure the child seat with the three-point seatbelt on the vehicle (the seatbelt must meet the requirements of ECE.16 or equivalent), place the belly belt in the mark hole under the seat and attach it to the retaining hook. Tighten the diagonal shoulder strap through the latch at the back of the seat without tying the belt.

Adjustable two-way mounting for children weighing 9 kg to 18 kg (0-4 years old).

Fasten the child seat to the front seat or back seat of the car with a three-point seatbelt. The seats are required to be rear-facing and forward-facing, so adjustable seats are heavier and larger than baby safety baskets. The adjustable safety chair also allows older children to sit longer.

Check the safety chair instructions to make sure the seat belt is adjusted to the baby's comfortable position. Children must be at least 1 year old and weigh less than 10 kg, must be installed face backward. When your baby can be installed face forward, you should make the following adjustments: adjust the shoulder strap to the appropriate seat belt hole for the child's height; Erect the safety chair and place it facing forward (or check the manual to see the elevation Angle allowed for forward installation); When securing the safety chair with the car seat belt, the seat belt should be passed through and fixed through the special hole for forward installation.

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