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Scientific use of safety seats

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Before using the safety seat, you should read the instruction carefully. The best place to install a child seat is in the middle of the back seat, because studies have found that this is the safest position. Do not install safety seats on seats equipped with airbags. Reports of accidental injuries indicate that the children may have suffered serious head and neck injuries or even death as a result of the accidental release of the front seat airbag.
  It takes a bit of thought and time to install a safety seat, and any loosening can affect the child's protection. For example, the safety seat facing forward or backward cannot achieve the protection effect if installed backward. Pay attention to the correct Angle when installing the seat and try to shake it hard to see if it is stable. Generally, the left and right displacement should not exceed the width of two fingers. After the child is fixed in the seat, make sure the seat belt on the child's body does not turn over, the belt is elastic enough to accommodate a finger to qualify. Since child safety seats may often need to be removed, parents need to be careful every time they install them.
  In addition, the shoulder strap of the child seat should be fixed across the chest to the thigh, rather than stuck in the waist or stomach. Experts suggest that the child safety seat of the chest buckle should be in the armpit height position. When using the seat, remember to tie the shoulder strap and leg strap together to have a protective effect. Some parents, although they have prepared child safety seats for their children, but as time goes by, their vigilance drops. Although the children sit in the safety seats, they do not wear a seat belt, which makes the safety seats lose their protective function.

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