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Six key points to choose and buy infant safety seat

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Six points to choose from:

Number one: 5 point seat belts

When it comes to seat belts, our advice is to choose a 5 point seat belt. The seat belt has two shoulders, two sides of the buttocks and the crotch, making it safer than a 3-point seat belt that just holds the shoulders and crotch in place.

Number two: the overall size of the seat

Don't think all the safety seats will fit in your car. Especially if your car is small, or if you need to install two seats in your car, you need to make sure the seats are of the right size to fit inside the car. Make sure the seat base is not too wide and that there is enough space between the seat and the driver's seat or the seat next to it.

Third point: easy to use

The use of a complicated safety seat is likely to lead to the wrong use. Make sure the safety seat is easy to use and the instructions are easy to understand. You must make sure that you use your safety seat correctly every time you go out. This is a prerequisite for keeping your baby safe. Make sure the baby basket is easily and accurately fitted to the seat and should be easily removed with the clasp always in the correct position.

Number four: height and weight limits

To understand the importance of height and weight limits, you should first understand that it is safer to keep your baby in the back seat for as long as possible than it is to keep him or her in the front seat. This applies to babies of all ages, not just those over 1 who weigh 20 pounds.

With this in mind, you need to consider how long you are prepared to let your baby sit in the baby basket. If you plan to use the baby basket for as long as possible, then you need to buy a style with a wider weight limit, and preferably with multiple seat belts in place for easy adjustment.

Fifth: head and side impact protection and EPS foam

Although there is no mandatory legal requirement, it is better if you choose a baby seat with head bump protection and EPS foam. EPS foam (you can think of it as foam in a bicycle helmet) provides extra cushioning in the event of an accident, while a seat with head and side crash protection can cradle your baby, providing more effective protection in the event of an accident.

Number six: the weight of the seat

Although the weight of the seat does not affect its functionality, it is an important consideration when it comes to the baby seat basket. Especially if you plan to remove the seat often, or if you plan to put your baby in a basket for use outside of the car. Some of the baskets weigh up to 10 pounds, and with a baby's weight, it's not a pleasant thing to carry. The average safety seat weighs 8 to 9 pounds, but some are lighter.

Do not use a second hand safety seat or one that has been in an accident. Both of these seats have safety concerns and are best not to take risks. Child safety seat is a special design for children of different weight (or age), the children bound in the safety seat, can effectively improve the safety of children on the car seat.

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